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Welcome to mh-nexus,

have a look at my freeware programs, articles related to Delphi-programming or Delphi components.

HxD for example is a fast free hex editor that can open files of any size (up to 8EB), gives raw read/write access to disks and main memory (RAM), still being as easy to use as any text-editor.

An interesting article: how to trick the AWE64 to work on every CPU (not only genuine Intel), which also shows how to use my spy tool Property Edit.

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HxD 2.0 RC released 26 Mar 2017 23:57
HxD 2.0 is available as release candidate.

Please report any remaining errors you find in the forum.
HxD 2.0 beta phase started! 02 Mar 2016 15:54
Finally, after a long wait HxD 2.0 reached the official beta stage!
I am waiting for feedback from translators and some testers to make it ready for release.

If you are a translator of past HxD versions and didn't get a mail yet, it means I could not contact you. Please contact me, so that I know if you would prefer someone else to take over the maintenance of your translation.
HxD in Swedish 09 Feb 2014 23:22
HxD version is now available in Swedish. Thanks to Christopher Janzon for the translation!

Download HxD
Started a blog 18 Dec 2013 14:29
I started a blog. If you were curious about how some parts of HxD were implemented in source code, go and check it out. The blog will be about many other different subjects that interest me, though, ranging from arts, AI, robotics, the maker movement / DIY topics, to possibly entrepreneurship and philosophical thoughts.
The update schedule will be irregular, so you might want to subscribe to the RSS feed.
HxD in Czech 13 Apr 2013 20:37
HxD version is now available in Czech. Thanks to Ernest Klúčik for the translation!

Download HxD
Updated Italian version of HxD 30 Jun 2011 13:13
Image Costantino Grana has updated the translation of HxD.

As usual you can get the latest versions of HxD on the download page.
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